Deadhorse – Crescendo


“This is a different kind of album for us.
You are not going to find songs that are full bodied and overflowing with content.
There is a time and a place for that, but not here.
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GAUDI – Dub Qawwali


“The latest celebrant in the Church of Nusrat
is the brilliant electro-dub artist Gaudi,
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Cold Reading – Fractures & Fragments


“Switzerland quartet Cold Reading
aren’t like other emo bands.
For starters, they smile in all their promo shots. Secondly, their brand of emo – while carrying many of the emotionally-wrought hallmarks laid down by their 90s predecessors – repositions the genre to carry a gentle optimism at its core.
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Rodrigo San Martín – The Veil is Broken (I-IV)


“Any prog band can make a concept album.
Especially ambitious outfits may do a double concept album.
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Rodrigo San Martín – Mother (Pink Floyd cover ft. Darío Schmunck)

Recorded live at Estudio Crazy Diamond on December 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina

John McLaughlin – The Boston Record


“Many years I had to wait
to hear John McLaughlin Live on stage.
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Wucan – Reap The Storm


“Wow. Just wow.
A casual listener could mistake this for just another amazing female fronted hard rock/blues band, but this is in fact 70 minutes of majestic progressive blues rock with an incredible vocal performance, at times recalling Clare Torry of The Great Gig In The Sky.
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Deafening Opera – Blueprint


“This is enormously sophisticated,
excellently played music containing lots of different genres and breaking quite a few rules.
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EMA – Exile In The Outer Ring


“Erika M. Anderson – a.k.a. EMA
wrote “Exile In The Outer Ring” before the outer rings of America rose up and installed an avatar of their alienation in the White House.
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The/Das – Exit Strategies


“As a complete musical structure
“Exit Strategies” is ready at any one point to unfold into a multitude of sonic, rhythmic, textural and contextual layers.
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Autisti – Autisti


“Gesamtkunstwerk – “a total work of art.”
This album is perfect- each song sets up a threshold to the next, indivisible.
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Levitation Bros. – Live in Oberhausen 2014 (Free Download)


“This is what happens
when the Redundant Rocker, a high end jazz drummer and a space funkateer on bass meet for a jam.
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Our Ceasing Voice – Free Like Tonight


“Our Ceasing Voice
– Austrian ambient rockers – have always thrived on change.
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Cosmograf – The Unreasonable Silence


“It’s essentially
a more modern re-telling of Camus’s writings about mankind’s struggle to understand the universe and our role within it”, says the concept’s creator Robin Armstrong.
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Ark Arsenal – Surrender


“Uplifting and relaxing
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Toehider – This Conversation is Over

Video of the Day

“Taken from the new album “GOOD”, .
which you totally should pre-order from bandcamp –

Album drops October 19 ’17

Song by Mike Mills. Video by Mike Mills and Andrew Saltmarsh.

Mike Mills – guitar and vocal
Thom Mann – drums
Nick Delaney – bass

AES DANA – Pollen


” [Pollen] evokes to me the soundtrack
of a night walk through a futuristic city.
Urbanism, technology, machines making sounds and communicating through signals we couldn’t understand alone but making sense altogether.
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Cosmograf – The Hay​-​Man Dreams


” A retrospective album
in both theme and style, Robin Armstrong’s 6th album harks back to the sound and feel of the classic prog era fused with the raw energy and darkness of a rock behemoth. The 6 track album is measured at a single LP length and instrumentally delivers the vintage sound of guitar, bass and drums with a sprinkling of classic keyboards.
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Revolting Puppets – Introduction


” Lyrics:

The M-Pire. No one really remembers the exact day when they took over. It wasn’t a revolution over night, it was an ongoing process over years.
Bit by bit, they took control, cut our freedoms and made us believe that we had chosen this. That we wanted it. And that it was good.
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Peter Gabriel – Rockpalast 1978

” Peter Gabriel is a longtime favorite artist of mine.
His live music has always reminded me how emotional a performance can get.
Here is an early performance, I was 18 and watched this show live! An inspiring piece of history which should be shared and preserved.

Ed Harcourt – Restoration

Song of the Day:


“I’ve decided to call this ‘Restoration’
after watching the BBC News documentary about the only grand piano in Gaza and how they restored it.
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The Afghan Whigs – In Spades


isn’t a word one normally finds in rock lyrics.
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