3RDegree – FREE Sampler


Have a taste-a sample-an “amuse bouche” of American (NJ) progressive rock band 3RDegree’s catalog. Here’s one song each from the most recent 4 albums. Please feel free to send this link to someone else to get the word out. ALL we ask is that you give us your email address to be added to our emailing list and we promise not to bother you very often.


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Kanoi – Buru Haze


They feature a more relaxed and spaced-out sound inspired by “Meddle” to “Obscured By Clouds”-era Pink Floyd and my interest in science-fiction literature old and new which I guess becomes especially apparent on the 14-minute closing track “A New Beginning And The Sprawling Sky”, a song inspired by Ann Leckie’s book “Ancillary Justice”!


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